Corporate Events

For a creative breakaway, strategic planning or to just get away from the monotony of going to work and back, we have your ideal space to inspire your employees & colleagues.

Any seating style can be accommodated in the double volume main area, while smaller groups can workshop on the bigger tables on the enclosed patio area. Whether you want conventional seating, or more of a nonconformist and allowing your peers to stand around higher tables and chairs for creative participation and input, we have your style covered. A big open wall, with a special pixelated paint covering will offer you a high resolution projection with a crisp , clear picture that will enhance and drive home your objectives with confidence and ease.

We offer the industry standard accessories and equipment, such as whiteboards, projectors and coffee and teas and other condiments as required by you.

We can accommodate groups up to 24 with your choice of either arranging your own catering or you can trust us with the arrangements.

*Free Wi-Fi on site